Sun. Dec. 8 – Pomona Karate Kids Karate Demo

class JKA Pomona is one of the Sunshine Coast’s successful and longest running karate clubs. The dojo was established in Pomona in 1991 and continues to teach traditional JKA shotokan karate today. The club has also produced some talented students in sports karate. Some students have previously represented Australia for the AKF Australian team and also in Japan Karate Association’s (JKA) last world cup event in 2011. The club has also consistently had several students on the Queensland Karate Association’s Queensland karate team for many years now.

The club is run by Sensei Kim Vines who is a dedicated instructor who works tirelessly with her students passing on the traditions of JKA shotokan karate. Kim is passionate about not only competitive karate, but but also about teaching kids and adults self defense and all the benefits of learning karate including increased fitness and self confidence. Classes are run at the Pomona Memorial Hall on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm.

Come watch as the students of the Pomona Karate Club demonstrate their skills in the art of karate at the apollonian hotel.

The club is currently fundraising to help parents with the expenses of upcoming tournaments next year, one of which is the JKA world cup which is being held in Japan. Several students hope to be selected to represent JKA Australia after attending the JKA Nationals in Melbourne in March. A meat tray raffle will be held most sundays to help raise these funds.

Where: Apollonian Hotel, Laguna Street, Boreen Point – Map – about a 30 minute drive from Noosa Beach.

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