Data Entry for Content

Google Calendar – Apollonian Hotel – Events #

The staff of the Apollonian Hotel maintain this Google Calendar, adding & updating events as information becomes available.

Google Calendar Monthly View

You may receive an invite to the Apollonian Hotel – Events Google Calendar.

Add Event #

Click in Date to Add Event

Add Event title

Start adding Event details

Deselect All day

Add Event time – start & finish

Start & finish time both added

Add Description info

Event added to Google Calendar

Edit Event #

Select an Event

Click Edit event icon

Event opened for editing

Edit Event details

Choose which Events to update

Updated Event

Facebook #

The staff of the Apollonian Hotel also maintain their Facebook page at The Apollonian Hotel QLD.

Apollonian Hotel Facebook page

The Apollonian Hotel staff generally initially add information on a new event on their Facebook page.

Apollonian Hotel Facebook Event

We use this information to build most website events by grabbing the text & images used.

View the individual event in Facebook to grab the text & images used.

View the individual Apollonian Hotel Facebook Event

Find Events at

Facebook Events List

Grab the text & images from the individual Facebook Event

Individual Facebook Event

Individual Facebook Event

WordPress #

Adding Events #

Events on website #

Events are automatically added to the following pages based on the date of event.

Event displayed on website

Events in email #

Events are automatically sent in emails based on the date of event.

[ADD IMAGE typical event email]

Events Info #

Information on Events may be found in the following locations:

Events added as Posts #

All Events are added as Posts.

Events Posts List

1. Edit Post #

Typical completed event as Post

Typical event on website

2. Add Image #

Settings for small image

Settings for large image

3. Align Image #

Featured image is included in sent email.

5. Set publish date #

Posts are scheduled 14 days before the event.

6. Set Category to Entertainment #

Posts set to Entertainment Category so get sent to Mailchimp email list.

7. Check slug #

8. Use Quick Edit #

Duplicate Repeat Events #

We concentrate on adding events that repeat regularly. This helps to add a lot of content to the Events page relatively easily. It also gives tourists visiting Boreen Pt. easy access to comprehensive info on all the regular hotel events.

Find the post you want to duplicate and Click on New Draft – it’s easier if you open this in new browser tab.

Click on New Draft

The post is duplicated as a New Draft but it’s not ready yet.

New draft opens

Check the content carefully, looking especially for any date references & correct it.

Check Content

Change the Permalink/Slug – see Set publish date.

Change Permalink/Slug

Change the Publish Date – see Check slug

Change Publish Date

Finally review the duplicated post to check it is displaying as expected.

Review duplicated post

Images #

1. #

You may receive an invite to the Apollonian Hotel – Events Sync Folder.

All Apollonian Hotel – Events images are made available in this folder. Apollonian Hotel – main folder

Add images in folders where they are easier for others to find. Apollonian Hotel – sub folder

If you grab images from Facebook or elsewhere they should be added here before you use them in WordPress or elsewhere.

2. Image size #

We use image software like IrfanView to reduce image sizes to around 800 high or wide.

Reduce image size to 800 wide or high

Save reduced image with size added to name