The Apollonian connection to our colonial days is continued in our unique accommodation. Experience the delights of a type of accommodation well known to our grandparents.

Restored former railway worker’s quartersGuest accommodation is in separate restored former railway worker’s quarters, providing ten budget accommodation rooms – five double rooms with four having queen beds, two rooms a double bed + 2 single, and two rooms with 3 single beds in each.

Rooms include bed linen and towels with one blanket per bed. There are communal bathrooms (rooms are not self-contained).

A common kitchen is available for tea & coffee – it hosts a fridge, kettle and toaster. All tap water is bore with drinking water from the rain water tank in containers provided. The Hotel can do breakfast on request but must be sorted out the night before.

Linen is provided—only one blanket per bed.
Communal bathrooms & common kitchen.
All tap water is bore—drinking water is provided in the fridge.

Communal bathroomsTo make a booking call us on 07 5485 3100 between 10.00 am and 10.00 pm any day.